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Time to get serious about PCI Compliance

As the data landscape of our technology world grows more and more complex, it is time to take the PCI compliance of your business more seriously. Often times, Businesses see PCI compliance as just another industry buzz word or opportunity for another hidden fee, but the reality is the security of your business is something important that you need to pay close attention to. Well what can you do then? One simple step is to have a well-defined security policy. This will establish a standard for the way your business operates in terms of handling sensitive data and information. One often overlooked aspect of a security policy is how you interact with vendors and third-parties, or even how they interact with your data. For example, Requirement 8 references this relationship with third-parties:

“Implement two-factor authentication for remote access to the network by employees, administrators, and third parties. Use technologies such as remote authentication and dial-in service or terminal access controller access control system with tokens; or virtual private network with individual certificates.”

The important takeaway here is that everyone who has access to your data treat it securely; When it comes to your data and PCI compliance, it is better to take it seriously now than have to backtrack in the event of a breach.

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